Electric vehicle

  • Electric trike

The World wants efficient, effective transportation that doesn’t cost the earth or compromise our national security.

We need cleaner vehicle technologies that help everyone breathe easier, cut down greenhouse gas emissions and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

Electric vehicles are a compelling solution to this great nation’s concerns.

Changing the world to sustainable living won’t happen overnight. It will require substantial investments in technology, manufacturing, modernizing infrastructure and market development. This is why we need to get on the right road, right away.

Imagine your day if you drove an EV.

It would take you only a few seconds to unplug your car every morning.You would never need to wait in que at petrol stations.You would never need an oil change.Much more torque at lower speeds.


Unique technology, 3 personal electric trike. The battery can be charged by renewable power (wind or solar power).  Environmentally friendly solution is not only for motorfreak. We can give wind turbine or solar cell. Easy bodywork!

Maximum comfort!  Economy!

Zero Emissions!! 100% electricity!!

Technical parameters:

  • Max. speed: 55 – 60 km/hDSCF0014
  • Net weight: 335 kg
  • Dimensions: (LxWxH): 2900x1480x1200 mm
  • Number of transportable passengers: 3 persons
  • Motor power: 4 KW 48 V
  • Battery: 4 pieces 12 V 125 Ah
  • Controller: 48 V 80 A
  • Charge time: around 8 hours
  • 60 – 100 km per charge



The frame structure and the front landing gear are made from high-strength shaped profile, with the benefits of  little net weight and max. holder solidity. Air springs and gas charged shock absorbers interests in the largest comfort. The cabin is polycarbonate. The monocoque body of the trike is made from self-coloured fiber glass with the newest gel-technology (its features: light weight, big capacity).

The basic seat is leatherette, but can be ordered according to a unique claim real leather seat. As an option can be ordered: headrests, seat heating. The cabin and the seat in different colours can be ordered. According to totally unique claims.

Lighting: LED bulbs or led reflectors in front and rear. Property: long life, low energy. If you requests, we can also provide side lighting.

Brake system: double piston   disc  brake to  earn   the   best braking effect.


Engine features:

 electric hub motor: computer controlled brusshless DC motor with reverse grade and low power consumption.

 új trike fotok 019

There is no need for gearbox, differential gear, clutch and therefore  the friction loss is minimized option.

Lifetime is relatively long because of the less fading component.




 Air suspension:  

 In   the undercarriage of the electric trike are air springs instead of the coil springs, what is filled with compressed air.

The basis air spring is fixed height, but can be order compressor and air tank with that it is possible to claim the altitude of the air spring during processing.

 új trike fotok 022


In the basic machine we use lead acid battery. According to a claim we  can mount it with Lithium battery, the net weight  is  half of the lead acid one’s.

Zero emission! 100% electricity! The batteries can be recharged by renewable energy. It also needs to ensure that we can give wind generator or solar panels.

 új trike fotok 016


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